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Medusind Client Spotlight: Spring & Sprout Dental Support Organization

Medusind Provides Dental Insurance Verification to

Spring & Sprout


About Spring & Sprout:

Spring & Sprout is a dental support organization (DSO) that consists of 18 dental offices spanning five states across the U.S. They specialize in helping parents find the right pediatric dentist and orthodontist for their children. CEO Michael Schwartz explains how they began as a two-office startup which quickly expanded with the help of Medusind. Michael previously used Medusind’s dental insurance verification services while working for a different DSO, and states how confident he was in partnering with Medusind again for Spring & Sprout‘s needs. Medusind was able to seamlessly integrate themselves to provide fast and accurate dental insurance verification services to their growing DSO.

Results and Services Generated by Medusind:

  • Dental insurance verification
  • Integrated follow-up services with insurance companies to assist with claim statuses
  • Accounts Payable services for invoice processing
  • Implemented a supporting team behind their front office staff, allowing them to focus on their patients and core competencies

Medusind is committed to providing dental groups with the unique dental insurance verification, call center and accounts payable services they need to succeed. We are focused on increasing your bottom line, reducing administrative burden, and bringing complete transparency to the entire dental revenue cycle. Our dental services include a team of industry experts and powerful technology that focuses on your group’s efficiency and profitability. Our experienced staff becomes an extension of your team focused on improving payment turnaround times and optimizing your dental billing processes.

Click Here to learn more about how Medusind can help with eligibility/benefits verification, credentialing, payment posting and more. We take on your most time-consuming tasks to ensure that your dental group achieves maximum revenue and efficiency. Whether you are a DSO with 300 offices, a dental group with 10 offices or looking to expand, we can help.

posted by OBarros
posted in Dental,Dental Support Organization,Healthcare Management
posted date Mar 2017