Feb 2008: Medusind increases its scope of current Medical Coding Capabilities with a total of 28 AAPC certified CPC coders.

Medusind is one of the first approved CEU (Continuing Education Units) Vendor Listed on AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders). The approval was done in October 2005. Medusind team of PMCC certified trainers and MD Doctors on staff lead ongoing continuing education seminars for the coders across India as well as for several billing and revenue cycle management companies across United States.

Scope of Current Medical Coding Capabilities
Medusind Coding Team has a total of 50 coders out of which 28 are CPC certified and 15 more are in the process of getting their certifications in May 2008, 4 are CPC-H with dual certifications and 2 PMCC licensed instructors. The coding team has majority of MD physicians who are also CPC certified coders, in addition to RN's (nurses), Radiology & Lab Technicians and other graduates with bachelor in science.