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Get answers to questions such as...

  • How do I know if I am charging enough for my services?‚Äč
  • Should my collections be higher?
  • What are the most profitable services I provide?
  • Am I missing any revenue opportunities?
  • How do I compare to other practices in my specialty?

Practice Wellness Report

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Having a clear view of the financial health of your practice is essential in today’s healthcare marketplace. Our in-depth practice analysis evaluates your financial condition and billing processes at no cost to you.

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Uncover revenue opportunities and financial advantages from which your practice can benefit.

Get an objective, third-party analysis of how your practice is truly performing.

Obtain professional consulting at no cost detailing how your practice can improve.


Included in your FREE Practice Wellness Report... 

Benchmark Study & Analysis

We evaluate your financial performance compared to other practices in your specialty and region. Our revenue specialists provide a detailed report on how you can optimize your revenue cycle for greater efficiency and cash flow.

Critical Success Factors

Six key performance indicators are used to measure the financial health of your business:

  • Net Collection Rate
  • First Pass Resolution Rate
  • Day Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Percentage of A/R over 120 days
  • Average Reimbursement per Encounter
  • Average Reimbursement per Charge
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