Dental RCM Outsourcing by Medusind

Dental RCM Outsourcing by Medusind

RCM stands for revenue cycle management, or, in common language, billing. Whichever you call it, it can be very complex and confusing, in part because the payments and procedures of dental billing change constantly.
Dental RCM Outsourcing

All of which is to say that for a dental practice to be managed effectively so that it can thrive financially while delivering the highest quality patient care, the dental billing has to be handled at a professional level. This requires RCM staff with deep knowledge of an ever-changing landscape, using the latest technology-enabled systems. 

What exactly is RCM outsourcing?

It’s when an organization hires an outside company to manage all or some aspects of its financial processes. With respect to dental providers, an RCM outsourcing company identifies, collects, and manages the practice’s revenue from payers and patients.  

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Why is outsourcing RCM good for dental practices? 

As mentioned, RCM is incredibly complex and ever-changing. The time your staff spends handling administrative functions for which they may not be properly trained or have insufficient time is also time they’re not spending on other important tasks. So not only might the billing be less accurate than it should be, the patient care component of your entire practice also suffers. 

For maximum efficiency and revenue growth, RCM billing services should be handled by professionals with deep knowledge of best practices and procedures to help your practice maintain effectiveness in scheduling, billing, coding, and collections. 

To avoid claim denials and payment delays, professionals have comprehensive knowledge of and eagle eyes for important aspects of the process, and ensuring accurate information about providers, patients, etc. prior to claim submissions.  When submitted claims are incorrect, insurance carriers are happy to send them back to a practice for more information (delaying payments) or to deny claims altogether, leading to under-payments. 

When it’s done right by the right teams, your practice will:

• Improve collections and cash flow by:

• Reduce costs by:

• Maintain staff focus on managing the clinical aspects of a practice

• Increase the ability to scale a practice clinically, while minimizing operational impact

The Medusind® Difference: RCM Outsourcing Partnership

The word “outsourcing” can make it sound like a practice’s information might be out of reach when it’s in the hands of an outside organization. Or that actual humans won’t be available to help on-site staff with answers to questions, updates, and support for the ongoing challenges of RCM.  That’s not the Medusind way.  We add the word “partnership” to “outsourcing” because being a partner is how we provide the best RCM solutions to each dental practice we serve. We become an extension of the practice, designing tailored billing support. Medusind team members possess know-how in all practice management software (PMS) platforms that are prevalent in the marketplace.

20 years of Partnership Success

A leading provider of RCM services for 20 years, Medusind is the outsourcing partner that can help your organization:

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