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Dental Eligibility & Revenue Cycle Management

Increase productivity and profitability while growing your dental offices.

Whether you utilize a CBO or work from each practice, Medusind will take responsibility for those tasks that keep your staff on the phone or in front of a keyboard all day long.  These include tasks that prevent the patient interaction necessary for the growth of an office and tasks that require large investments in office infra-structure.  We’ll do it in a cost-effective, timely and highly efficient manner.

Let Our Dedicated and Experienced Dental Team Handle…

  • Eligibility/Benefit Verification and Re-verification
  • Payment Posting
  • Adjustments and Denials Management
  • Accounts Receivable Follow-up and Claims Resubmission
  • Fee Schedule Maintenance
  • Credentialing, Re-credentialing and Carrier Enrollment
  • Plan and Accounts Receivable Clean-up
  • Accounts Payable Processing

Improve your revenue, reduce costs and exceed patient expectations with our innovative technology and deep industry experience…

Technology Driven Performance

Responsive and accurate revenue cycle management through the use of smarter technology…

Medusind’s proprietary technology, in combination with its dedicated and experienced staff, ensures that all services provided to you are done so in a highly accurate and timely manner. This results in proper treatment plans, “clean” claim submissions and speedier cash flow while meeting patient expectations. Accounts receivable is continuously tracked to ensure timely receipt of payments.

Deep Industry Experience

An understanding of your needs and best practices through our work with hundreds of dental groups and practices.

For more than 13 years, Medusind has been proud to serve both single practices and large dental groups. Our staff has developed an expertise in “best practices” that is second to none. By working with Medusind, you get the added value of this experience to ensure that appropriate processes are put in place and your organization meets goals of growth and profitability.

Exceptional Client Service

As your partner, we’re dedicated to helping you reach your goals and objectives.

When you choose Medusind, you choose a partner, not a vendor. We’ll provide an experienced manager and team to be dedicated to you. Our mindset will be that of being your employees, just a few miles away. We’ll visit you from time to time to continue to develop our relationship and better understand your needs. We’ll talk frequently with your staff to discuss the status of our work and to determine if changes in processes must be made. We’ll share the experience and best practices we have learned from our many years in the dental marketplace. We’ll be partners.

Explore Our Medical Billing Services For Dental Offices…

Eligibility/Benefits Verification

By using technology and calling insurance carriers, we’ll get answers to the questions you need, post them back into your practice management system, search and attach existing plans and create new ones. We’ll do this for future and same day appointments as well as walk-ins.

Accounts Receivable Follow Up

We’ll research open claims, find out why they haven’t been paid and resubmit if necessary, attaching any missing documents and x-rays.


We’ll handle the myriad of paperwork required to credential and enroll your doctors in Medicare or commercial insurance plans. We’ll keep track of dates to ensure that re-credentialing is accomplished in a timely manner.

Accounts Payable Processing

As your group grows, your Accounts Payable department grows with it. We provide predictable, efficient and quality-focused handling of your accounts payable needs including:

  • Direct Receipt of Vendor Invoices
  • Electronic Image Capture/Document Management
  • Securing Appropriate Approvals
  • Voucher Posting
  • Vendor Disbursements
  • Patient Refund Processing
Payment Posting, Adjustments, Denial Management

We’ll post payments from EOB’s or lock boxes, process adjustments and denials and attach EOB’s to the patient record.

Fee Schedule Maintenance

We’ll keep your fee schedules up to date allowing for proper treatment plans and the submission of “clean claims.”

Plan and Accounts Receivable Clean Up

Before you move data into a new practice management system or from a practice you acquire into your system, we’ll review plans in the system, get rid of duplicates and move patients to the correct plans and claims to the right patients. We’ll also clean up old Accounts Receivables.

Better Service, More Revenue.

To learn more about our medical billing services for dental offices and discuss your particular needs,

During The Past Six Months We Have…

Completed 1 million eligibility/benefit
Posted payments for
2.5 million CDT codes
Performed accounts receivable follow up for
250,000 claims
Billed 2 million dollars
in medical and sleep apnea procedures
Handled 150,000
outbound calls

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