Medusind Outsourced Patient Service Center

We Handle 300,000 + Calls per Year

Don’t miss any calls and stay in touch with patients you haven’t seen in a while.

Medusind’s Patient Service Center uses the latest in telephony technology to meet the ever-increasing demands of our clients. We are able to answer calls in your name, show your designated number on caller ID, and transfer calls seamlessly to your office. The entire process is transparent to your organization via customized reporting.

Grow revenue and increase patient satisfaction by outsourcing to Medusind’s English/Spanish Bilingual Patient Service Center · Inbound and Outbound Calling for New and Existing Patients

  • Soft Patient Collections Calls
  • Appointment Confirmation Calls
  • Off Hours Calls
  • Patient Reactivation Calls
  • Appointment Setting for New Locations
Medusind Patient Service Center

Hundreds of Dental Organizations and Thousands of Dentists

Have Shown Us What’s Important to Dental Operations

We understand how you want your practice to be perceived and bring that that experience to every call we receive or make. Our ability to interface with your practice management system means making changes, cancelling appointments, and providing other services according to your specific protocols happens seamlessly.Our bilingual staff handles all calls appropriately and can transfer calls to your offices based upon instructions you provide.

Outsourced Patient Call Center Technology

Medusind’s state-of-the-art telephony hardware and software allows us to answer calls in your name, show your number on caller ID, transfer calls seamlessly to your office and provide reporting to give you the status of our activities. We can also record all calls should it become necessary to listen to a past conversation.


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