Secure and Professional-grade Insurance Payment Services

Billing an insurance company for dental services is so complicated, it requires professional-grade expertise at every step of the process, from insurance verification to generating clean claims, to Accounts Receivable (A/R) Follow Up.

But an outsourcing company that “trains” your staff on your time, (meaning, with your money), that can’t work with your practice management system, or only offers an all-in-one package that charges for services you don’t need, is not the answer.

Support DDS
Full-time, professional-grade dental billing team. 100% client-dedicated
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Pay by Transaction
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Your outsourced team comes trained, ready to work on day one
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Professional-grade Insurance Eligibility Verification
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Tailored, adjustable billing support services
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Easy integration with existing Practice Management software
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Professional-grade Credentialing services
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End-to-end RCM or flexible, growth-aligned services
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Hygiene re-care phone calls
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You need professional-grade insurance payment experts, who are:

  • Fully trained and current in all procedure codes and compliance protocols
  • Ready to go to work Day 1 of your engagement
  • Already experienced with your Practice Management System
  • Delivering only the insurance payment services your dental practice needs
  • Able to change the mix of services as your practice changes
Profit From the Medusind Advantage
Medusind delivers hit-the-ground-running, professional-grade insurance payment services that maximize reimbursements, integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, and are flexible enough to align cost effectively with the changes any size practice is experiencing,

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