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Medusind Hires 750 New Employees through Q4 2020

Medusind Hires 750 New Employees through Q4 2020

Despite the hurdles of COVID-19 and winter holidays, Medusind continues to add a significant volume of talent to its roster.

Miami, FL and Mumbai, India – 12/4/2020 – Today Medusind, a global leader in end-to-end revenue cycle management technology and services, announced the addition of 750 new employees to its roster through the months of October and November 2020.  New hires were added at all of Medusind’s 11 locations.

The hiring of 750 new “Medusindnites” is impressive by volume alone but is even more significant when viewed through the lens of 2020 and the timing of the new hires.  An ongoing global pandemic and a series of winter holidays like Navratri, Dassera, and Diwali (celebrated in India and abroad) in addition to Thanksgiving in the US made this feat even more remarkable.

Chief Human Resources Officer of Medusind, Kranti Munje, shared “The entirety of Medusind’s Human Resources team takes the growth of the Medusind family seriously.”  Ms. Munje continued, “I am particularly pleased with the dedication to adding great people who are also great workers to the Medusind family.  We’re excited to see them grow in their professional development and to make a positive impact with our customers.”

The incoming hires bring a variety of experience from freshers through more experienced employees. The Q4 2020 cohort will be onboarded, trained, and begin driving additional value for customers across Medusind’s Medical RCM and Dental RCM verticals immediately.

When asked about the incredible growth of Medusind over the last 60 days Vipul Bansal, CEO and Group President of Medusind, remarked “We have successfully navigated the extreme turbulence of this once-in-a-century event thanks to high professionalism and client commitment of Medusindnites.  I am glad that as we approach the end of 2020 we are able to resume our historical growth trajectory.”

Mr. Bansal continued, “I join the Medusind HR team in welcoming our new colleagues across all of our 11 offices to our Medusind family. I am confident that they will further grow our capabilities as a value creating partner for all of our clients.”

Medusind expects continued headcount growth through Q1 of 2021.  Preparations by the HR team are underway to add 600 additional new hires to Medusind’s workforce across all locations.

If you are interested in joining the Medusind team please visit https://www.medusind.com/careers/.   There, you can view current openings for positions based in India and the US and submit your application.

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