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Mid-2020 Pathology Outlook from Medusind

Mid-2020 Pathology Outlook from Medusind

Read Medusind’s mid-2020 pathology outlook to see how Pathologists and their organizations can thrive in a post-COVID environment.


Pathologists are about to be more in demand than ever
Unlike the majority of other specialties, Pathology is one of the few specialties that has gone through an absolute decrease in workforce over the most recent decade.  Since 2010, the number of pathologists has decreased more than 10%!

Predictions for the availability of pathologists in the workforce through 2030 aren’t great; experts expect that the number of active Pathologists may decline as much as 30%.

COVID-19 has brought to the forefront that proactive disease management protocols are more in demand than ever and the number of cases will be increasing.  Without the right amount of pathologists in the workforce, speed of patient care may suffer.

Pathology is undergoing a digital transformation
Because of the decline in pathologists’ numbers and the increase in tests, the use of digital technologies are being introduced into the field to assist pathologists in meeting not only qualitative objectives, but also quantitative demands.

Due to the rapid changes in digital imaging methods in the last few years, and how it is transforming radiology practices, pathology will likely see the same rapid transformation in the very near future.

Be part of your hospital or health systems digital transformation or deal with the consequences
Due to systems integration and compliance regulations, many hospitals are changing to newer and more advanced information systems in order to consolidate electronic records on to a single platform. Because pathologist billing (and really the entire revenue cycle) can be disrupted and negatively impacted by these conversions, be sure that a pathologist plays a part in the design and implementation of these new systems.

For example, how are the charge reports that are needed for billing designed? Do they contain all the information necessary for billing or are two reports now required? Can accession logs be created and does the billing service have access to run these to verify charge inputs each month

Food for thought as we move into the second half of 2020.

Written by Andy Harner, Vice President of Client Services

Pathology Billing Company

Andy oversees Medusind’s Virginia-based service delivery for pathology organizations.

His team, like all of Medusind, delivers outstanding practice performance, streamlines the collection and reporting of quality data, and helps pathology organizations achieve their business goals, big or small.

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