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Mid-April COVID-19 Update from the CEO

Mid-April COVID-19 Update from the CEO

From the Desk of the CEO

Most importantly, I hope that you and yours remain healthy and safe.

I am writing to you to provide a status update on Medusind through the Coronavirus pandemic and to remind you of the resources available to your organization not only from us but those being offered by the US Government.

As you saw in my previous update, Medusind quickly deployed secure, telecommute capabilities and safeguards as the reality of the pandemic became apparent. The purpose was and is so that our team could ensure not just the continuity of our business processes but the continuity of our clients’ business processes.

In alignment with various government directives, Medusind has endeavored to remain operational throughout the pandemic and is fully prepared to provide the services for which you have contracted with us. In addition to our Revenue Cycle Management and Technology solutions, we recently delivered messaging around the CARES Act and what it may mean for your practice or organization.

If you haven’t already, I implore you to visit our CARES Act Resource Center and take the time to understand how it may help you. For non-fiduciary suggestions on how to navigate the CARES Act please feel free to email our dedicated CARES Act help desk at medusind.CARES@medusind.com. We recommend involving your tax, payroll, and/or employment professionals in this process as well.

Finally, I want to thank you for keeping the faith in us and reassure you that Medusind remains on standby for your organization in this time of global crisis. Our people and our technology are ready to help you thrive not just today but into the future.

My best,

Vipul Bansal
Group CEO and President, Medusind