We’re a Results Oriented Billing Company with Deep OBGYN Billing Experience and Success

Medusind’s industry-leading performance is the result of combining our powerful MedClarity RCM technology with highly skilled and certified employees dedicated to each of our OBGYN customers.

Our approach reduces errors and turnaround time, allowing Medusind to provide a higher clean claims rate, lower days on books and better net collections than any other OBGYN billing service while keeping you fully compliant.

Whether your OBGYN practice needs end-to-end billing and collections or full revenue cycle management + coding, we provide concierge service with 100% visibility and accountability into your revenue cycle.

OBGYN Billing Services


Increase in
Cash Collected

OBGYN Billing Services

20% Improvement

Days Sales
Outstanding for Patient +
Insurance A/R

OBGYN Billing Service


Charges Billed Per Year

OBGYN Billing Company


CPT and ICD-10
Coding for more than
3 Million Charts

OBGYN RCM Services

95% +

Average Clean
Claim Rate

OBGYN Revenue Cycle Management

30% +

Improvement in Patient Pay

OBGYN Billing Services Detail Plus Value Added Options

OBGYN Billing Services

Our Provider Credentialing Services can remove a significant barrier to payment and further improve your revenue cycle.

Emergency Department Billing Company

Each client is assigned an account manager and transition team to ensure a successful onboarding process.

Emergency Department Billing Company

Full suite of practice reports including business intelligence and dashboard development tools customized to match your reporting and information needs.

Comprehensive OBGYN Billing Services and Practice Management

Full Spectrum RCM and Billing Expertise

As more and more women seek primary care from their OBGYN it’s important that your OBGYN billing service has expertise that includes traditional obstetric and gynecological codes and extends into the full universe of billing and coding.

Medusind provides specialized OBGYN billing services and is an experienced revenue cycle management (RCM) partner across the full spectrum of specialties which ensures you earn the maximum amount on every claim submitted.

OBGYN Billing Service
OBGYN Billing Services

OBGYN Billing Expertise: Technical Versus Global Billing

As a leading provider of OBGYN billing services, we understand the complexities of technical and global billing and will partner with your practice to maximize reimbursements while reducing potential compliance exposure.

Successful submission of claims comprised of technical billing to payers requires up-to-date knowledge of the rules around place of service and ownership of the equipment being utilized, among other considerations.

We ensure your practice never leaves money on the table by submitting the appropriate charge.

Learn how Medusind can enable stronger reimbursement and streamline your operations.

Get in touch with us for a quote, demo, or complimentary financial analysis.

OBGYN Billing and Collections Technology

MedClarity, our proprietary RCM technology, ensures clean claim submission, efficient A/R follow-up and provides total transparency into your revenue cycle with pre-built reports and insights.

Keep your EHR and supercharge your revenue cycle.  We understand just how critical the flow and integrity of OBGYN data is which is why we offer over 30 off-the-shelf EHR integrations with the leading electronic health records.

Make Clinical Quality Reporting a No-Brainer

Streamline your participation in quality programs like MACRA by ensuring data collection across quality measures, Improvement Activities (IAs), and more!

Emergency Department Billing

Organizations across the entire healthcare spectrum leverage our deep expertise and high-quality solutions to maximize revenue, reduce operating costs and navigate the changing healthcare landscape.

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