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Using Patient Feedback to Improve Your Practice

Understanding the patient experience can help you better serve your patients, while also improving your day-to-day practice operations. Specific responses from patient feedback reviews can help you identify and address issues with almost anything within your practice. Patient feedback can also help you identify trends and understand whether issues are happening consistently or if it was just a random occurrence. Once you understand the motivation behind their reviews, you can begin to use this information to improve your medical practice.

Create or reform your patient feedback system.

First, you will need to have a patient feedback system in place. If you currently have a website or Yelp page, make sure that it is being monitored by someone in your front office. In addition, select an outlet that goes beyond online reviews so that you can gain insight from different perspectives. Your patient may leave a more personal review on your website, as opposed to a public forum such as Yelp or Zocdoc. Or it can be the opposite, whereas they feel freer to review your services on a public site or social media channel instead of your own website.

With a patient feedback system in place, you can monitor online reviews, ask for details about a specific episode of care and resolve issues which may motivate patients to write a positive, follow up review. Aside from using these outlets to gather feedback, managing your online reputation via your site or social media is necessary to stand out in today’s competitive healthcare market. Once you’ve gathered enough positive reviews, you can look into implementing a referral program to reward your existing and future patients.

Review feedback through every channel

Typically, patients will provide detailed descriptions of their experience through different outlets. Word-of-mouth is usually the first option but technology has allowed for a multitude of outlets to be available for the patient. Online reviews from your patients make it as easy for you to gain a quick understanding of what is going well and what can be improved within your practice. Your website is the jump-off point if you’ve already created a space for your patients to leave comments.

Online reviews are already proving to be a highly effective way to inform patients when making choices about their care. While many other doctors just see this as a modern way to better understand the needs of those they care for, they also like getting regular feedback on their performance by those they treat.

Commission your office staff to implement changes

Patient feedback consists of the views and opinions of patients who interact with your front office staff each time they visit. For this reason, your staff can offer a useful perspective. Patient experience and how your staff experiences their day-to-day work environment is fundamentally linked. This means that once patient feedback is implemented to make your practice better, your staff will also experience increases employee satisfaction. Collecting and responding to feedback can lead to many changes to your medical practice. It’s all about using what the patients give you to create a better overall experience for your patients as well as your medical office as a whole.

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posted by OBarros
posted in Healthcare Management
posted date Jul 2018