Suzanne Lonidier
Suzanne LonidierSenior Vice President - Client Services
14 Years with Medusind
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"When we joined Medusind, it really provided us with a future. Vipul was spot-on when he said we were a company of YES. We were like, now there’s so much we can do!"
Anurag Goel
Anurag GoelChief Operations Officer, Client Services, India
18 Years with Medusind
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"90% of my team has been with Medusind for 16 or 17 years. They are subject matter experts, so our clients appreciate the kind of conversations they have with them. Because our people know so much, it gives our clients confidence."
Lakshmi Menon
Lakshmi MenonVice President HR, Administration and Location Head
18 Years with Medusind
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"Across all our locations, all over the world, the guidelines are the same in terms of policies and processes, and also in the spirit of the organization. The culture is very friendly, very open, and extremely welcoming."
Manoj K. Rana
Manoj K. RanaVice President - Client Services
18 Years with Medusind
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"Whatever has to be done, we throw away the watches to make it happen. And the best part is, it’s always appreciated."
Corinna Klos-Bolton
Corinna Klos-BoltonDGM of Activations and Technology Implementation
15 Years with Medusind
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"Early on, it became apparent that this was a different kind of vibe. Vipul wanted us to be a thought partner to our clients. Encourage them to come to us with what they were thinking, and then help them make it happen. And it still holds true today."
Barbara Graham
Barbara GrahamVice President - Operations
20 Years with Medusind
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"Everyone is just very, very genuine in delivering exactly what a client wants. The work ethic. The positive attitude. I’m so grateful for them because there are always challenges, and we can’t let our eyes off the ball."
Keith Ashley
Keith AshleySenior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
20 Years with Medusind
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"We are deeply skilled with scaling quickly and well - when needed. With our MedClarity ramp-up, we went from a small local team to a large multi-location team very quickly."
Alan Morales
Alan MoralesSenior Vice President - Client Services
19 Years with Medusind
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"I may be old school, but relationships still matter! Throughout all the great work we do, genuine friendships are built."

Always a Step Ahead

Strategic Investments in Technology Infrastructure Capabilities Talent

One has to prepare
for tomorrow.

Vipul Bansal

CEO & Group President
20 Years with Medusind

icon company

Uncompromising Standards

Absolute Integrity: Moral Ethical Legal


Ethics run in the DNA of this Organization.

Kranti Munje

Chief Human Resources Officer
16 Years with Medusind

Medusind is born
as a BPO for the
American healthcare industry.
Medusind. Day One.

Since 2002, organizations across healthcare have leveraged Medusind's deep expertise and powerful solutions to maximize revenue, reduce operating costs, and receive invaluable support navigating a constantly changing RCM landscape.

2 Employees to 152 employees by 2003.


Our core values, the ethics of our people, processes, and relationships will drive every aspect of our success.

Vipul Bansal

CEO & Group President

Total Medusind Employees

New Vertical Services
Transformation to a Total Solutions Provider

Medusind’s Business Process Outsourcing came first, and was incredibly successful. But the opportunity to deliver deep expertise, person-to-person, wasn’t there. It was time to become a Total Solutions Provider.

2006 – Vipul Bansal becomes CEO


Our technology makes the integration seamless, and our partnerships are very strong. We are part of our clients’ organization. They appreciate the dedication of our people and their incredible work ethic.

Robert Beck

President – Medusind Dental
16 years with Medusind

Rapid Expansion Begins
Growing into our vision. In a big way.

With a growing demand for all-in-one billing solutions, Medusind expanded its core expertise to offer new vertical services and take a global approach to becoming a key player in the US.


We are an American company supporting the healthcare industry. All our platforms, systems, and processes are HIPAA compliant and US-aligned.

Balasubrmaniam Iyer

Chief Information Officer
9 Years with Medusind

The Medusind Solution for Total Practice Performance

Our complete platform-driven practice management solution is another game-changer, increasing productivity and profitability for practices and health systems.


We are a 20-year young organization. Young in thought. Young in spirit. We retain our entrepreneurial spirt into the future because we are a company of YES.

Vipul Bansal

CEO & Group President

2022 & BEYOND
A Company of Yes
Always Reaching New Heights
Medusind’s dynamic growth continues across markets with expanded services, strategic acquisitions and an incomparable team of experts and innovators.

See how Medusind can work for you

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