Work with a Medical Billing and Collections Company

that Provides Valuable Results

Medusind clients experience financial improvements like these

Understanding Medical Billing and Collections


Increase in
Cash Collected

Medical Billing and Collections


More than $2 Billion in
Charges Billed Per Year

Medical Billing and Collections

95% +

Average Clean
Claim Rate

Medical Billing and Collections

20% Improvement

Days Sales
Outstanding for Patient +
Insurance A/R

Medical Billing and Collections


CPT and ICD-10
Coding for more than
3 Million Charts

Medical Billing and Collections

30% +

Improvement in Patient Pay

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Medical Billing and Coding Services for Practices

of All Specialties and Sizes

Medusind Provides Cost-Effective Billing and Coding Solutions  

Save time, achieve appropriate reimbursement, seamlessly capture quality reporting data, and stabilize cash flow with Medusind.

Billing and Coding

Comprehensive Billing and Coding Solutions

100% of Medusind coders are AAPC or AHIMA certified with multiple certifications to provide value added expertise for our clients.

Billing and Coding Quality Assurance

Billing and Coding Quality Assurance

Medusind Billing and Coding Staff undergo regular internal reviews as part of our QA program.  Focused feedback is then provided to ensure strong revenue and compliance performance.

Billing and Coding

Quality Billing and Coding Services

Our certified coders with deep expertise in your specialty become an extension of your practice by delivering high a high quality solution participating in your ongoing improvement initiatives.

Medusind’s Medical Billing Technology Increases Reimbursement and Streamlines Operations for Healthcare Organizations

MedClarity Practice Management Software is our proprietary, turnkey Medical Billing and RCM technology that empowers healthcare organizations to get paid more, faster.

Medical Billing and Collections

Seamless Quality Data Capture

MedClarity ensures MIPS data capture and submission for quality measures, improvement activities, and more.

Medical Billing and Collections

High-Value Analytics Insights

Business Intelligence is automatically provided by MedClarity to  increase revenue by identifying deficiencies.

Medical Billing and Collections

More Time for Patients

MedClarity automates burdensome tasks like insurance eligibility verification so focus can remain on patients.

Turnkey Revenue Cycle Management Technology

MedClarity Practice Management Software

EHR Agnostic RCM Technology
MedClarity Practice Management Software

From scheduling and collecting co-pays to sending clean claims and generating reports, MedClarity has been intuitively designed to increase the productivity and profitability of your practice.

  • Cloud-based platform that easily manages day-to-day practice operations
  • Real-time reporting and business analytics provide a complete picture of your billing
  • Rules-based coding engine to ensure clean claim submission
  • Real-time eligibility verification and denial management tools
  • Customizable to any practice size and specialty
  • Over 30 pre-built EHR Integrations with the most popular systems

Popular Medical Billing and

Collections Resources

Medical Billing Best Practices

Medical Billing Best Practices

We’ve all heard Peter Drucker’s words: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”  Being able to measure your practice’s metrics is the first step to following medical billing best practices.


Medical Billing Best Practices

Understanding What RCM Is

Understanding what RCM Is

Understanding what Medical RCM, or Revenue Cycle Management, is can be the difference between earning the revenue you need to thrive as a practice or operating on thin financial margins.


Understanding RCM Guide

Medusind is a Medical Billing Company that Drives Significant

Value with Tailored RCM Solutions

Since 2002 Medusind has been a leading provider of comprehensive end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions to physician groups, dental providers, health plans, GPOs, and other leading healthcare organizations.

Our medical expertise and robust technology solutions drive significant value for more than 10,000 healthcare provider clients by optimizing the revenue cycle process, creating operating efficiencies, and ensuring adherence to
regulatory compliance requirements.

Medical Billing and Collections

“We’ve been pleased with the attention given to our accounts and the follow up given to any billing issues. Medusind’s done an excellent job.”

-Karen Kuhns MD, Pediatrics by the Sea


Organizations across the entire healthcare spectrum leverage our deep expertise and high-quality solutions to maximize revenue, reduce operating costs and navigate the changing healthcare landscape.

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