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Anesthesia Billing & Practice Management

Elevate your practice with our anesthesia billing, coding and practice management expertise.

Medusind offers comprehensive anesthesia billing and practice management services to practices nationwide.  We meet the challenges of the rapidly changing anesthesia industry by delivering innovative solutions customized to meet client needs. Our client-focused teams deliver excellent customer service and are focused on improving anesthesia practice revenue, compliance and efficiency.

  • All-inclusive anesthesia practice solutions including billing/coding, credentialing, payer contracting, fee schedule analysis, quality reporting and more.
  • Experienced team of anesthesia focused medical billers, coders and practice managers focused on the success of your anesthesia group.
  • Complete transparency through our extensive reporting and business analytics.
  • Proven success in transitioning practices of various size and complexity to our service and technology solutions.

Anesthesia billing and practice management services for any size practice.

  • Anesthesia billing and coding expertise from certified coders and experienced practice managers.
  • Extensive reporting and business analytics providing complete transparency into your practice and revenue cycle.
  • Robust anesthesia billing technology and interface support from our dedicated IT team.
  • Payer enrollment, credentialing and contract negotiation support.
  • Compliance planning and auditing services.
  • Quality data capture and reporting.

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Explore our anesthesia solutions.

Anesthesia Billing Services
  • Anesthesia Coding
  • Clean Claim Submission
  • A/R Follow-up
  • Denial Management
  • Reporting and Performance Analysis
Anesthesia Business Services
  • Payer/Hospital Contracting
  • Payer Credentialing & Enrollment
  • Fee Development & Analysis
  • Stipend Analysis & Negotiation
  • OR Efficiency Analysis
Practice Assessments
  • Billing & Coding Audit
  • Accounts Receivable Audit
  • Contract Reimbursement Analysis
  • Full Practice Assessment
Anesthesia Compliance Services
  • Compliance Audits
  • Documentation Reviews
  • Compliance Plan & Policy Development
  • Compliance/Documentation Education & Support
Anesthesia Billing Technology
  • Designed for anesthesia groups of all sizes.
  • Interface development support.
  • Implementation, Training and Consulting
eQA Quality Data Capture & Reporting
  • Support for MIPS and NACOR initiatives.
  • Technology solutions for easy capture and reporting.
  • Consulting on quality initiative participation.
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