Nothing’s More Important to Your Practice Than Dental Credentialing

Nothing’s More Important to Your Practice Than Dental Credentialing

Dental credentialing occurs when an insurance company approves you to be one of its in-network providers. You get access a larger patient base and increased revenue for your practice. 

When your dental credentials are confirmed, insurance companies and patients are assured that you’re a dentist in good standing. The required documentation is significant and takes a great deal of time to assemble, and you must submit it correctly for your credentials to be approved. If they aren’t, you must resubmit your credentials, which adds more time to the process. This is important because if you’re a provider whose credentials are pending, you can’t practice for that insurance company—and income isn’t contributing to your bottom line.

As a dentist, you can choose whether to be credentialed or not with any particular insurance company. But whatever your decision, you must be credentialed separately with each network you choose. Even if every dentist in a practice wishes to be credentialed with a particular insurance company, they must be credentialed separately. Group credentialing is not an option.


A Yardstick for Quality

The most basic credentialing documentation includes proof of education, board certifications, CV, dental license, malpractice insurance, documents related to internship or fellowship, and compliance. But each insurance company has different requirements and has different cycles for renewals, which must be kept current for the provider to remain active in that network. Consequently, the credentialing process is never over. The best-case scenario for completing an initial, single credential task is usually 60-90 days, but usually it takes 90-120 days.

Medusind: We’re Experts at Credentialing

The problem is, most dental office administration staff don’t have the training, experience, or the time to assemble accurate credential applications that will be approved without resubmission.

But Medusind’s credentialing experts are knowledgeable about every aspect of the credentialing process, from assembling comprehensive documentation, to tracking the progress of an application, to delivering any follow-up documents required by an insurance company. Our experts are actual humans, not chatbots or 800 numbers. They’re always available to answer questions, address issues, and provide support for best practices whenever they’re needed.

Medusind Delivers:

Experienced, knowledgeable credentialing experts who generate accurate, comprehensive applications

Timely approvals, most within the standard 90-120 day credentialing timeframe

Efficient credentialing process completion that helps staff generate clean insurance claims and receive faster payments
Effective monitoring and maintenance of all-important re-credentialing schedules
Cost savings in staff time
Increased revenue from an expanded patient base
Improved cash flow from additional provider staff
Improved patient satisfaction
Best-practice certified, aligned with all compliance and certification programs
With Medusind focused on credentialing your providers, your staff can concentrate on other tasks.

As part of our credentialing process, we collect your:

  • Dental school information
  • Board certifications
  • CV
  • Dental license
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Documents related to internships or fellowships

Learn more about Medusind’s systematic approach to dental credentialing.

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