The Great Resignation Is Not Making Dentists Smile

The Great Resignation Is Not Making Dentists Smile

professional grade dental billing support

When four million American quit their jobs in 2021, the healthcare industry was one of the industries most impacted. Among healthcare organizations, dental practices took a particular hit. Dental assistants and dental hygienists left their jobs in droves, with more than 38% and 28% of practices respectively still searching to replace these roles.

But a significant number of administrative staff have also departed, leaving approximately 26.5% of practices in search of these associates as well. That’s more than a quarter of all dental offices.

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Why is Dental Staff Resigning? Let Us Count the ways.

Stress. Frustration. Dissatisfaction. And have we mentioned burnout?

There are many reasons why staff resign – among those are burnout and frustration. For example, Dental administrative staff spends a great deal of time struggling with unpaid insurance claims that require accurate procedure codes, correct attachments and dates, and all too often, complex resubmissions. After these cumbersome tasks have been completed, all relevant updates have to be entered into the practice management system.

Executing these processes correctly takes a level of training and experience most associates don’t have. Hence, more mistakes. More frustration. And more resignations.

It’s time for Professional-Grade Dental Billing Support

Dental billing, also known as Revenue Cycle Management, has become so time consuming and complex, it needs professional-level expertise for a practice to manage its financial health appropriately and continue to grow. Outsourcing to a professional RCM company can offer a practice a great deal of advantages.

The successful RCM equation: technology + humans

Even the most advanced RCM technology and comprehensive services have to be leveraged with the deep expertise (and time) of professionals. Administrative staff needs people (not voice mail systems, chat bots, or 800 #s) who are there to ease the workload, answer questions and provide support.

When these experts are available and aligned with a practice’s processes and protocols, not only are tasks easier, they’re also more effective. Payments are generated faster and fewer claims are denied, which prevents time-consuming resubmissions.

Now the billing is getting done, and getting done right. And this makes everyone feel good. It’s how RCM becomes an effective antidote to turnover and expensive retraining.

The Medusind Advantage: Services Designed to Serve the People in your Practice

Medusind Dental Billing services in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and other states are the most trusted solutions for dental practices seeking reliable, scalable administrative staff to lighten the burden of insurance tasks and continual administrative hiring.

We Practice What We Help Our Dental Practices to Practice

Medusind Billing professionals work with the best systems and services, and are available to provide support whenever it’s needed. This gives them a lot of satisfaction. It’s why. most of the Medusind dental associate and management staff having been with us for almost all of our twenty-years.

Medusind Staff and Services:

  • Offer the most advanced technology
  • Align with dental offices’ protocols
  • Execute fast, accurate insurance verification
  • Integrate with any existing practice management (PM) software
  • Are ISO/IEC HIPPA-compliant
  • Have compliance and certification programs for best practice adherence

Insurance Verification:

The single most expensive and time-consuming task in a dental practice

Medusind’s QuickVerify™ proprietary software makes a significant difference in reducing administrative burdens on staff by:

In addition to QuickVerify™, Medusind’s complete suite of RCM services include:

  • Claim status
  • Billing
  • Data entry into existing practice management systems
  • Payment posting adjustments and denial management
  • Credentialing and scheduled re-credentialing
  • Accounts receivable follow up and clean up
  • Accounts payable

See how your dental practice can foster healthy job satisfaction that reduces turnover, increases revenue and promotes growth.

See how Medusind can work for you

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