Is Flexibility the Biggest Dental Billing Innovation?

Is Flexibility the Biggest Dental Billing Innovation?

Dental Billing

When it comes to billing, not only is every dental practice different, even within the same group, a practice’s billing needs change continually as growth targets are met, patient populations change, or as administrative staff turns over.

Given that change is a fact of dental billing life, the number of outsourcing companies offering solely “all-in-one” solutions for full management of a practice’s revenue cycle are really only serving their own bottom lines. 

While it’s undeniable that dental billing in Arkansas, Mississippi, Kansas, New Mexico, Vermont and other states has become so complex, it’s more efficient for a practice to outsource to professional-grade experts, a full suite of services is not the best answer for every practice.

Are They Selling You an Answer — Without Even Asking the Right Question?

What do you need? How often do you hear that question, as opposed to a pitch for why you need everything? No practice needs everything, not all the time. 

What a practice will need continually is an outsourcing partner that will take the time to listen. To get a full 360° of the practice’s needs — at the outset of the relationship, and also on a continuing basis. A partner that’s nimble enough to respond to changes that result from successful scaling, or the solution of aging Accounts Receivable (A/R) issues that, going forward, will require more maintenance than triage, or for increased fee schedule maintenance when insurance companies change their CPT codes or their annual renewal cycles.

Your Practice. Your Way

A practice’s best billing solution is one that will get its billing done efficiently and accurately, while folding in with the processes and protocols that are already in use. This eliminates retraining time. Lowers frustration. And reduces the potential for mistakes.

Tailored dental billing services in California, Virginia, New Jersey and other states that integrate seamlessly and are billed only upon completion, are the real innovation — not a one-size-fits-all platform that includes costs for services that might not even be used.

People Who Need People

A truly flexible solution isn’t just about systems and processes, either. It also includes hands-on support from experts — from the first outreach — not after a staff member has been put through the voice mail ringer or the chat bot disconnect that invariably redirects them to an equally unhelpful Help section of a website. 

Total Flexibility is the Medusind Solution

Medusind is a proven resource that combines adaptable systems and processes with the expertise of highly experienced billing professionals. Medusind understands change, and how billing must align and readjust with it to maximize the health of a practice’s bottom line, help it achieve growth targets, and make life more meaningful for staff, who would rather spend time with patients, not paperwork.

Medusind clients select from a comprehensive array of services that are billed on a transactional basis. Paying only for what is needed, with services that flex as those needs change, while having ongoing support from knowledgeable experts who are already helping thousands of dental practices across America.

Look into dental billing that will work the way you work, and help you achieve growth your way. Because whose practice is it, anyway?

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