Dental RCM Solutions

Improve revenue, reduce costs, and speed up cash flow with our innovative technology, knowledgeable staff, and deep industry experience that goes back to 2002.

Dental RCM Solutions for Single Practices, Dental Groups, and DSOs

We have deep experience helping dental organizations exceed revenue and growth targets by eliminating repetitive, administrative tasks.  Medusind’s Dental RCM solutions take responsibility for tasks that keep your staff on the phone or in front of their computer and allows them to focus on patient interaction.  Whether those tasks reside at a Central Billing Office (CBO) or at the office level, let Medusind remove a barrier to growth and profitability with our suite of Dental Revenue Cycle Management solutions.

Dental RCM

Our Dental RCM Solutions Work With Your Practice Management Software

Our suite of dental solutions like dental insurance eligibility verification, claims statusing, and payment posting all work with your existing practice management (PM) software.

Medusind’s portfolio of integrations and experience working with mainstream, cloud-based, niche, or proprietary PM software means your dental organization gets the best of both worlds: improved revenue, reduced costs, and keeping the PM software you depend on.

Dental RCM

Dental Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Tailored Dental RCM solutions for Dental Organizations of all sizes

Dental Insurance Eligibility Verification - Folder


We’ll handle the myriad of paperwork required to credential and enroll your doctors in Medicare or commercial insurance plans. We’ll keep track of dates to ensure that re-credentialing is accomplished in a timely manner.

Dental Insurance Eligibility Verification - Refresh

Accounts Receivable Follow up

We’ll research open claims, find out why they haven’t been paid and resubmit if necessary, attaching any missing documents and x-rays.

Dental Insurance Eligibility Verification - Document

Plan and Accounts Receivable Clean Up

Before you move data into a new practice management system or from a practice you acquire into your system, we’ll review plans in the system, get rid of duplicates and move patients to the correct plans and claims to the right patients. We’ll also clean up old Accounts Receivables.

Dental Insurance Eligibility Verification - Clock2

Fee Schedule Maintenance

We’ll keep your fee schedules up to date allowing for proper treatment plans and the submission of clean claims.

Dental Insurance Eligibility Verification - Ideas

Payment Posting, Adjustments, Denial Management

We’ll post payments from EOB’s or lock boxes, process adjustments and denials and attach EOB’s to the patient record.

Dental Insurance Eligibility Verification - Paperless

Accounts Payable Outsourcing

We transform your Accounts Payable Workflow into an efficient, paperless process. Watch a demo of our A/P Outsourcing solution.


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During The Past Six Months

We Have…

Dental Billing

Completed 1 Million

Dental Billing

Posted payments for
2.5 million CDT

Dental Billing

Performed accounts
receivable follow up
250,000 claims

Dental Revenue Cycle Management

Billed 2 million
dollars in medical
and sleep apnea

Dental Revenue Cycle Management

Handled 150,000 inbound and outbound calls

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Dental Eligibility and
Revenue Cycle Management

Eliminate outbound insurance verification and claims statusing calls to allow more interaction with patients. Reduce costs, speed up cashflow, and grow your organization.


Dental Billing

Medusind is the nation’s leading dental billing provider. Learn how we’re helping dental organizations scale by reducing costs and optimizing revenue.

“An individual dental office in our company can see between 50-100 patients in a day. By using Medusind, our people are available to have that one to one connection with our patients.”

– Michael Schwartz, Spring and Sprout Services