MedClarity Practice Management Software

Built from the ground up as a true revenue cycle management platform, MedClarity delivers robust practice management tools in an easy-to-use package

Practice Management Software with a Powerful RCM Toolset

From scheduling and collecting co-pays to sending clean claims and generating reports, MedClarity has been intuitively designed to increase the productivity and profitability of your practice.

MedClarity Analytics

Enterprise-Grade Analytics Functionality

Robust reporting capability that delivers on-demand insights into your revenue cycle simplifies the process of managing practice performance.

With pre-built reports, a fully customizable report writer, and our Perspectives Insights Builder the information you need to meaningfully scale your operation is at your fingertips.

Optional Revenue Cycle Management Services

MedClarity can be deployed as a standalone Practice Management software or you can pair it with our Medical Billing Service for total optimization of your revenue cycle.

MedClarity Practice Management

Keep your EHR and streamline practice operations the entire length of the revenue cycle

MedClarity functions either as a replacement for clunky Practice Management software that comes bundled with EHRs or as a standalone revenue cycle management platform.

There is zero double entry of data with MedClarity.  It will integrate with any EHR or clinical system built to an industry-standard specification like HL7.

MedClarity Practice Management Software

MedClarity Features

Practice Management Software


Practice Management Software

Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification

Medusind Real Time Reporting

Smart Scheduler with Appointment Status, Eligibility, and Copay Indicators

Medusind Customizable to any practice size

Advanced Rules Engine for Clean Claims Submission

Practice Management Software

Denial Management and Claim Status Lookup

Medical Billing

Off-the-shelf Integration with 30+ EHR Platforms


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