Dermatology Billing Services

Dermatology Billing Services

Dermatology Billing Services

Medusind Dermatology Billing Services:
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Our critical logistics and analytic support can clear up your accounts receivable and streamline your revenue cycle management (RCM)

We understand the nuances of dermatology billing—and our coding expertise pays off

Dermatology Billing Has Its Own Special Challenges — and We Know How to Navigate Them Skillfully

It’s easy to misunderstand dermatology codes.

A big problem is upcoding, which is billing for a higher level of service.

  • For example, billing for a comprehensive exam when there was only a problem-focused exam. 
  • If your dermatology billers undercode, your practice doesn’t get paid fully for the services it provides, such as if you perform a more extensive procedure than what was billed for. 
  • We have a complete understanding of the appropriate CPT and ICD-10 codes. We understand that your maximum reimbursement relies on accurate medical coding, since insurance company ascertain that all procedures are medically necessary, and not classified as cosmetic dermatology. 

Why Choose Medusind as Your Dermatology Billing Solution Provider?

Prompt Filing

We file dermatology claims promptly via electronic channels to reduce the chance of denial. Within 24 hours, we process claim acceptance reports to ensure the intended payer receives all claims.

Strict Guidelines

We follow diagnostic and interventional dermatology coding guidelines when billing via our technology and personnel. We closely monitor CPT codes and expected reimbursement rates to ensure accuracy and maximum contracted or out of network reimbursements.

Confirmed Verifications

We verify patient’s coverage via thousands of eligibility verification channels before they receive treatment. This ensures the dermatologist is not liable for unpaid services due to patient ineligibility or lack of required authorizations.

Clean Billing Tech

Our technology stack can edit procedures requiring modifiers, diagnosis specifics, and global period coverage to ensure maximum clean billing.

Advanced Reimbursements

Our dermatology accounts receivable and coding experts closely monitor claim denials and take the necessary steps to appeal for reimbursement.


We create all appeal and dispute letters on our client’s behalf. Our tenured dermatology experts will dispute all unpaid claims using medical necessity guidelines and applicable coding rules.

Claims Auditing

We audit our dermatology claims post-billing for accuracy, identify errors and omissions, and fix them to ensure collections are maximized.

Documentation-Deficiency Reporting

Our staff produces documentation-deficiency reporting, which we use for ongoing provider education regarding medical documentation standards.

Performance Tuning

Our account management experts analyze your practice’s performance to identify areas of improvement and recommend actionable steps to everyone involved.

How Does Medusind Stand Out from Other Dermatology Billing Companies?

Results Focused

With our personnel expertise and technology proficiency, we can deliver clean claims and maximum reimbursement levels to you. Our strict focus on financials enables the best returns for you.

Dermatology Experts

Our staff understands the nuances of dermatology and will extract all billable services based on a patient’s visit. Since our technology augments our coders’ expertise, we gain insight into any potentially missed global period, missing modifier, or diagnostic coverage criteria, such as Medicare LCDs.

Medusind’s Dermatology Billing Services

We have several customizable workflows designed for dermatology RCM:

Full Service / Coding

We are responsible for all billing via code extraction from the medical record. We will pursue all billed charges through the charge lifecycle until the claim is paid or when it’s verified that the charge has been denied as non-covered accurately, so it’s considered a write-off.

Full Service / Data Entry

We are responsible for all data entry from your medical records. However, we will not code, and the charges will be provided to us.

Partial Service / Collections

We will not be responsible for coding or charge entry. Once the client bills the charge, we will be responsible for all A/R resolution activities.

Our Expertise Gets Results

A key pain-point for dermatology-related groups like yours is avoiding the “cosmetic” denial from payers. We help you get around this by obtaining authorizations and by billing with the most appropriate problem-focused diagnosis.

We can provide a write-off audit to determine potentially payable services and to investigate if billing has been performed correctly.

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