Medical Coding Services

Learn how medical coding services from Medusind optimizes every claim for revenue impact and mitigates compliance exposure

Medical Coding Expertise

100% CPC Certified Coders. Strict Quality Assurance Standards. Get peace of mind that your coding achieves the highest level of specificity your documentation allows. Leveraging our optional Medical Coding Services ensures that your organization collects the most possible revenue from each and every encounter.

Medusind employs more than 200 CPC Certified Coders.  Each of these coders maintain an AAPC, AHIMA, or multiple certifications to provide the highest level of service to organizations who choose to add Coding to their revenue cycle offering from Medusind.

Across all 5 of Medusind’s coding delivery locations 100% of our coders are employees of Medusind.  Our coding expertise resides solely with employees of Medusind.  No 3rd parties or separate organizations provide coding services to our clients.

By controlling 100% of revenue cycle operations for our clients, both in our standard revenue cycle management offering and RCM + Coding, we’re able to provide aggressive pricing while assuring the highest quality of service and strict adherence to compliance regulations and best practices.

Provider Credentialing Services

Clinical Documentation Improvement + Medical Coding Services

Medical Coding Service

Optimized Charges.  Ongoing Provider Education.  Chart review to ensure conditions that have been evaluated, monitored, or treated are captured in the encounter.

Clinical documentation improvement from Medusind serves as the highest level of partnership for your organization’s providers and our expert medical coding staff.  We provide ongoing education that empowers your providers with the most current and compliant coding methodology to ensure that billing is optimized for each encounter.

Ongoing provider education is provided both in-person and virtually according to the needs of your organization’s providers.  Insights we provide range from code selection to missed charges to compliance exposure and everything in between.

Medusind’s Coding Center of Excellence

We Code Millions and Millions of Charts Each Year

Take Coding Compliance and Revenue Optimization Seriously

The Coding Center of Excellence is our internal training program for new coders and also provides ongoing training and quality assurance for our coding employees.

Our Coding Trainers are Professional Medical Coding Curriculum (PMCC) licensed instructors with the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

All Medusind Coders are continuously monitored against internal and industry-standard benchmarks to ensure clean claim submission for high-velocity payments and to mitigate compliance exposure for our clients.

Sample E/M Audit Analytics


Leverage our Medical Coding services to elevate your practice to a new
level of revenue and compliance. Connect with us to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Coding Services


How much do Medical Coding Services from Medusind cost?

Medical billing and coding services from Medusind are extremely affordable and competitively priced.  We offer multiple models for our Coding Service.  They are available either as a standalone service priced per chart or bundled into a revenue cycle management + coding rate.  Please contact us for a quote.

Will you code my charts even if my organization is not a billing and collections customer?

Yes, coding services from Medusind are available separate from our revenue cycle management offering.

What are the benefits of Medusind performing my coding?

Healthcare organizations, regardless of size or specialty, benefit from Medusind’s medical coding services.  By ensuring the charges submitted to carriers are accurate and optimized your organization will benefit will experience improvement in payments and reduced compliance exposure.

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