Radiation Oncology Billing

We deliver industry-leading revenue performance and compliance for Radiation Oncology organizations across the country

Our Radiation Oncology billing services combine with our powerful technology and passion for client service to help your practice thrive

We serve as a dedicated business partner to radiation oncology groups across the country by supporting their revenue cycle management, compliance and quality reporting.

ROCC certified coders and client service teams are experts at identifying missed revenue opportunities and resolving compliance issues that could impact your practice.

Our powerful MedClarity RCM technology streamlines demographics entry and charge capture while contract-based business rules ensure you collect what you are owed as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive and flexible reporting allows you to drill down for in-depth analysis and spot trends affecting your practice. Reporting is customized to your needs and provides the insights you need to operate effectively

Radiology Oncology Billing Services

Radiation Oncology Billing Services

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Radiation Oncology Compliance
and Quality Program Support


Our team of ROCC certified professionals takes care of billing compliance requirements so you can take care of what matters most- your patients. We are not satisfied with anything but complete and proper reimbursement for your practice while maintaining full compliance. We automatically screen for compliance on a daily basis as we review and monitor all charges for clients for any overuse or underuse of charges.


Designated Compliance Officer accountable to
the practice and personally oversees medical billing compliance

Telephone Call

Ongoing support for regulatory
and legislative developments


MACRA/MIPS support from Medusind keeps
your practice ahead of the curve with activity
insights into the Radiation Oncology measure set
or general measures

“I doubt that other practices have Medusind’s ability to bill so effectively. We have personalized service and great relationships with Medusind’s client service representatives. I absolutely recommend them highly and with no reservations.”

– An eleven member DE, PA and MD based group,
Medusind client since 2004