Telehealth and Telemedicine Billing

Medusind Offers Affordable and Effective Telemedicine Billing Services

Outsource your organization's Telemedicine Billing to Medusind for the easiest way to collect full reimbursement for the patients you treat remotely.

With tens of thousands of Telehealth claims submitted and millions in Telehealth charges collected for our clients, Medusind is the Revenue Cycle Partner that will ensure your Telehealth claims are submitted correctly, paid to contract, and paid quickly.

Billing for Telemedicine and Telehealth services has presented new challenges for healthcare organizations that were not providing remote care prior to COVID-19.

Healthcare organizations and providers that weren’t providing Telemedicine services pre-COVID were quick to adopt technologies that enabled Telehealth care.

For many of these groups, they have experienced difficulties actually collecting reimbursement for the remote care that they have provided.

Leverage our Telemedicine billing services to provide the care your patients demand and collect the reimbursement you’re owed. 

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A Revenue Cycle Partner

Get your Telehealth claims submitted correctly, paid to contract, and paid quickly.

Telehealth Billing Expertise

Clean Telehealth claims means faster payments.

Claims Handled for All Payers

We handle Telehealth claims for Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Payers.

Keep Focus on your Patients

We stay up to date on Telehealth rules so you don’t have to.

Billing Services

1:1 Dedicated Customer Service.  100% Transparency.

Our team will be an extension of yours – dedicated to the bottom line.

  • Eliminate your most time-consuming tasks
  • Reduce administrative burdens
  • Optimize efficiency and profitability

From insurance eligibility to working denials to reporting on revenue improvements, our medical billing services handle what you need.

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