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3 Tips for Anesthesia Practices Around The World Post Covid

3 Tips for Anesthesia Practices Around The World Post Covid

As Anesthesia organizations get back to their regular routines, the Medusind Anesthesia Team is sharing 3 tips to help Anesthesiologists and their practices thrive in a post-COVID world.


1.) Remain Open to Care (and Revenue) Opportunities

Medusind helped many of our Anesthesia providers credential as hospitalists to assist with ICU and ventilator patients during the outbreak of COVID-19.  Thankfully, the global effort to flatten the curve is proving worthwhile but we’re not out of the woods yet.

The AMA advises that a second wave of COVID-19 infections is all but inevitable which means Anesthesiologists, and their advanced training, may be called upon once again for shifts in the ICU and/or with ventilator patients.

Get ahead of the curve by credentialing as a hospitalist now to, most importantly, provide patient care and keep your revenue cycle intact.

2.) Intelligently Scale Elective Cases

As elective surgeries resume and patient scheduling begins again, you must be aware of your facility’s break even point for staffing and schedule accordingly.  If physician leadership is not actively involved in the scheduling ramp up, you may experience a nightmare-type scenario of multiple MD Anesthesiologists assigned to a location with too few cases to be ROI positive.

Ensure your case scheduling is optimized for both patient care and revenue.

3.) Think through pre-op and post-op workflows where patient contact is limited by regulation

Regulation in some states is disrupting the normal flow of patient interaction by limiting contact with patients. How will your practice resolve issues like greeting patients who have to wait in the parking lot?  How will your practice adhere to revised protocols for pre- and post-op contact?  How could an elderly patient complicate this new process?

Have answers for the above questions and plan for a new patient flow now so that proper expectations can be set with patients and satisfaction remains high.

Written by Alan Morales, Senior Vice President of Client Services

Medusind Anesthesia TeamAlan leads Medusind’s Anesthesia Team. His insight is invaluable in assisting practices with improving the quality of care, enriching practice performance, aligning investment strategies, and achieving business goals.

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