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How to Build ASC Relationships for Anesthesiologists

How to Build ASC Relationships for Anesthesiologists

How Anesthesiology Organizations Can Establish New Relationships with Ambulatory Surgery Centers in their Area

For anesthesiologists, it’s always a good time to establish relationships with Ambulatory Surgical Centers.  As the world works through the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a great time for anesthesiologists and their organizations to establish these ASC relationships.

Knowing how to build ASC relationships for anesthesiologists is a hot topic.  In fact, it’s never been more important.  The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened patient fear of hospitals and, with a second wave of COVID cases expected to hit in the fall and winter of 2020, it seems likely that patient fear will be maintained and normal access to hospitals may be restricted.

These factors make it important for anesthesiologists to establish relationships with the ASCs in their area now while the curve has been somewhat flattened instead of in another 60-90 days.

Use this guide from the Medusind Anesthesia Team to help you kickstart the process of ASC relationship building for your anesthesia organization.

Locate the ASCs in your area then find out who owns, operates, and/or practices at them

Don’t be shy about opening up Google Maps and running a search for “ambulatory surgical centers near me” to create a list of the ASCs in your backyard and the surrounding area.  For a more systematic approach, you’ll want to start a list where you can keep notes on the facilities and your outreach efforts.

Then, with your list of ASCs, you’ll be able to list out who owns, operates, or practices at these facilities.

The point of this exercise is to identify facilities where you already have an existing relationship and the barrier to a new partnership and revenue stream is relatively low.  The next best thing to existing individual relationships is identifying facilities owned by companies with which you’ve either worked before or can leverage your network to spark that conversation.

ASC Relationships

Identify large specialty groups who have recently opened their own ASC or may be planning to open one or more facilities.

As you compiled the list using the method above you may have noticed some ASCs you weren’t previously familiar with, and for good reason.  In 2017, Becker’s published an article that outlined All 71 new ASCs by specialty.  Coming back to 2020, Becker’s published 60 new ASCs during Q1 2020.  When standardizing for an annual number that’s nearly a 250% increase in ASC openings!

Despite the new normal inflicted on us all by the COVID-19 pandemic, its impact is “going to speed the exodus of procedures from the hospital to the ASC” per Jeffrey Peters, CEO Surgical Directions, in a Becker’s interview from April 2020.

The velocity in facility openings and procedures that are being transitioned to ASCs makes it obvious: anesthesiologists and their organizations need to leverage existing relationships with specialty group leaders and establish new relationships in areas or specialties where they are lacking.

Our recommendation on ASC relationship building for anesthesiology groups

Anesthesia organizations without a dedicated business development or partnerships department may feel like they don’t have the resources or capability to drive new relationships.  Understandably so!

Between patient care, adhering to compliance regulations, and managing the day to day of their business, contacting ASCs to develop partnerships can feel like 1 step too far towards “doing sales.”  Obviously, you didn’t go to medical school to pursue a career in sales.

Instead, set up a quick call with the Medusind Anesthesia Team to see if we can assist your anesthesia organization in developing new revenue streams while optimizing your revenue cycle and compliance exposure.

Written by Alan Morales, Senior Vice President of Client Services

Medusind Anesthesia TeamAlan leads Medusind’s Anesthesia Team. His insight is invaluable in assisting practices with improving the quality of care, enriching practice performance, aligning investment strategies, and achieving business goals.

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