Dental Fee Schedule Maintenance and Why It’s Super Important

Dental Fee Schedule Maintenance and Why It’s Super Important

Dental Fee Schedule Maintenance
Fee Schedule: a Fancy Way of Saying a Price List

A dental fee schedule is a list of prices for specific treatments and services that insurers pay to dentists, providers, and suppliers. These fees are calculated at the insurers’ in-network rates. They set the maximum allowable fees a patient can be billed for covered services, and the maximum amount payable by their plan.

Accurate, Up-to-the-minute Fee Schedules Should Be Uppermost in Your Mind

Fee schedules differ from carrier to carrier, and so do the cycles at which they’re updated. It’s challenging enough to stay current with updating fee schedules for so many different insurance carriers’ cycles, but procedure codes also incur monthly and annual updates. 

Because payments are generally correlated with their respective procedure codes, keeping fee schedules up to date in a practice management system is essential for clean claims that get paid and avoid resubmissions.

Claim denials and time-consuming resubmissions increase aging Accounts Receivables, which reduces revenue and negatively impacts growth. 

Data, Data, Everywhere

Not only is it necessary for a PM system to have current fee schedules and procedure codes at all times, admin staff must also maintain up-to-date patient data for taxpayer identification number (TIN), provider, zip code, country, and state. 

It’s a LOT. And it causes overburdened staff to make costly errors.

Time to Call the Professionals: The Medusind Solution

Staying on top of the ever-changing fee schedules, procedure codes, and patient data takes professional-grade expertise and experience. A resource that combines industry-leading software with hands-on support from dedicated fee schedule experts, available to answer questions and help formulate solutions whenever they’re needed. In a word: Medusind.

Medusind provides an easy, efficient, and cost-effective way to maintain the most up-to-date fee schedule information for current and new offices, and integrate the data into any practice management system. 

For Effective Fee Schedule Maintenance: Start Here
First Things First. Medusind Will Deliver:

  • A complete audit of the current fee schedules in your practice management software (PMS) system.

  • Confirm the accuracy of current fee schedules for each carrier and location
When everything is correct and in place, then Medusind will:
  • Activate fee schedules on the effective date

  • Maintain all fee schedules

  • Provide ongoing support

Getting fee schedules right goes a long way toward achieving a healthy financial outcome for any size practice Find out more about how Medusind can help fee schedules stay current and maximize your bottom line.

See how Medusind can work for you

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