The Real Key to Medical Practice Management Software

The Real Key to Medical Practice Management Software

The Real Key to Practice Management Software


To be truly effective, Practice Management (PM) software has to be flexible to improve efficiency, automated to streamline workflow, accessible to patients, efficient at cashflow management, and scalable.

What’s in your Practice Management software?

If the Practice Management (PM) software you’re currently using isn’t effectively managing your practice, it might be because it doesn’t offer all the functions necessary to optimize practice and revenue cycle management (RCM).

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The PM Checklist

The most important function of practice management software
is to streamline patient scheduling and manage the billing of your practice.

Your PM software should deliver:

And does your PM system also include one more very important service: hands-on support from expert RCM professionals (not chat bots or 800 #s) — because sooner or later a question or an issue will arise that will require a conversation with an expert. That’s the moment you’ll want to know who to call, and be confident that they’ll be there to help solve the problem.

Did Someone Say MedClarity™?

If it’s time to think about a different solution for your PM needs, think about MedClarity™. Medusind’s MedClarity™ is a powerful, platform-driven revenue cycle management tool that delivers end-to-end RCM functions in an easy-to-use package.

All the Ways MedClarity™ Can Help

From scheduling and collecting co-pays to sending clean claims and generating reports, MedClarity™ is intuitively designed to increase the productivity and profitability of your practice.

Among its complete collection of RCM services, MedClarity™ delivers:

  • Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • A payment portal to allow online patient payments
  • The Papaya app to allow patients to make payments through the phone
  • A ‘past due indicator’
  • Text or email appointment confirmations
  • Smart Scheduler with Appointment Status, Eligibility, and Copay Indicator
  • Advanced Rules Engine for Clean Claims Submission
  • Denial Management and Claim Status Lookup
  • Integration with 30+ EHR Platforms

MedClarity’s powerful systems also come with a team of knowledgeable RCM professionals (not chat bots or 800 #s), who are always available to answer questions, address issues, and ensure that your RCM is being managed effectively.

MedClarity™ already knows your EHR

Medclarity™ integrates seamlessly with more than 30 EHR platforms, so yours is probably one of them. If not, Medusind will create a custom solution that can start working with your EHR as soon as you’re ready.

Analytics: the Key to Scaling Successfully

Managing practice performance takes more than information. It requires meaningful, on-demand insights into your revenue cycle through robust reporting capabilities.

MedClarity™ analytics simplify the process of managing practice performance with pre-built reports that include a Practice Wellness Report. This incredibly helpful asset gives you a monthly report, a 4-month snapshot, a review of practice metrics, and a comparison with standards for your specialty. Plus key information about Reimbursements, Accounts Receivables, and Denials.

MedClarity™ also provides a fully customizable report writer, as well as our Perspectives Insights Builder – all the information to scale your operation in the smartest, most efficient way.

It’s Your Turn

Learn more about the MedClarity™ practice management platform, and see how your practice can thrive. 

See how Medusind can work for you

Tell us about your business or organization and we’ll connect you with a Medusind expert who can show you the products in depth, and answer any questions you have. See how a provider, office manager, or biller use Medusind to empower their practice.