Increase Revenue With Dental Insurance Payment Management

Increase Revenue With Dental Insurance Payment Management

Creating a repeatable platform, systems and processes that can be built to scale across a group as it grows, is the holy grail of entrepreneurial dental practices everywhere. But the right systems and processes for an expanding dental group must be highly tailored for that group. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Large platforms that “do it all” (and charge for all of it) the same way for every group will not maximize the bottom line.

Especially when it comes to the very complex area of Dental Insurance Payment Management.

The Part of a Dental Practice With a Lot of Moving Parts

Dental Insurance Payment Management includes: Credentialing providers for insurance payers, consistently generating Clean Claims, inclusive of accurate procedure coding, treatment documentation, and required attachments; up-to-date Fee Schedule Maintenance, Denial Management, Accounts Receivable (AR) Follow Up to minimize aging AR of existing practices, as well as those practices being considered for acquisition, and to prevent exceeding an insurance payer’s Fee Schedule cycle; Accounts Clean Up; and Accounts Payable.

To successfully scale Dental Insurance Payment Management across a group, experienced dental billing professionals in Massachusetts, Indiana, Missouri, Maryland, Wyoming and other states, who deliver the same expertise and hands-on support across every office, must be part of the equation. Teams that need NO training from a practice’s internal staff, and are ready to go work on day one of engagement with every office.

Successful Dental Insurance Payment Management also requires seamless integration with the software a group already has in place, and is nimble enough to align with the changes an expanding practice will inevitably face.

An Outsourcing Partnership. The Foundation of a Successful Repeatable Platform

Given its level of complexity, it’s obvious that Dental Insurance Payment Management requires outsourcing. But again, not an all-in-one platform that gets “plugged into” a new office.

A highly tailored system combined with an exceptional team of insurance billing professionals is the prescription for reducing costs while increasing revenue. An outsourcing resource that brings both sides of this equation will maximize efficiency across offices, create confidence in the organization as a whole, and build trust.

Medusind Solutions already functions as the repeatable platform for Dental Insurance Payment Management for thousands of growing platforms nationwide. We’re the national leader in dental insurance billing because our groups know their teams are always available (in their time zone, not ours), that the services they get from us can expand or change with their needs, and we’ll integrate with the systems they already have in place.

The Essence of Being Repeatable: Not Being the Same for Every Practice

Knowing how to flex, change, and deliver the expertise unique to a growing dental group is the Medusind “secret sauce” that creates a successful repeatable platform for Dental Insurance Payment Management.

Find out more about what Medusind can do for your growing dental group. We’re ready to help you succeed. And repeat.

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