Dental Insurance Eligibility Verification

Medusind is the Leading Dental Insurance Eligibility Verification Company

Eliminate outbound insurance verification and claims statusing calls to allow more interaction with patients. Reduce costs, speed up cashflow, and grow your organization. Our proprietary QuickVerify™ technology combined with our experienced staff delivers timely and accurate eligibility and benefits information into your Practice Management System.

QuickVerify TM

Add Value to Your Dental Practice or Organization

Medusind’s QuickVerify™ dental insurance eligibility and benefits verification solution saves dental organizations time by helping you create proper treatment plans and clean claims that lead to improved revenue, faster cash flow, and increased patient satisfaction.

Benefits for Dental Practices

Benefits for Groups and DSOs

Includes everything listed for practices plus:

Booked Appointments

Same-Day Appointments


Dental RCM Solutions

For Single Practices, Dental Groups, and DSOs

We help dental organizations exceed revenue & growth targets by eliminating repetitive administrative tasks.

Medusind’s Dental RCM solutions take responsibility for tasks that keep your staff on the phone or in front of their computer and allows them to focus on patient interaction. Whether those tasks reside at a Central Billing Office (CBO) or at the office level, let Medusind remove a barrier to growth and profitability with our suite of Dental Revenue Cycle Management solutions.

Our Dental RCM Solutions Work With Your Practice Management Software

Our suite of dental solutions like dental insurance eligibility verification, claims statusing, and payment posting all work with your existing practice management (PM) software.

Medusind’s portfolio of integrations and experience working with mainstream, cloud-based, or proprietary PM software means your dental organization gets the best of both worlds: improved revenue, reduced costs, and keeping the PM software you depend on.

In the Past 6 Months...

Eligibility/Benefit Verifications
5000000 +
CDT Code Payments
900000 +
Claim Follow-Ups
500 +

Dental Insurance Verification FAQs

While a few practice management systems provide limited information (sometimes only a “YES” or “NO” for eligibility), there is significant additional data you need to properly prepare treatment plans and discuss finances with patients. To get this information, a call to the insurance carrier or time spent visiting their website is required.

Medusind eliminates the time your staff spends on the telephone with insurance carriers, allowing them to interact with patients, answer incoming calls, and help the practice grow.

Absolutely not. Medusind will work seamlessly with your existing practice management system. You can take advantage of outsourced eligibility and benefits verification with Medusind, whether you are using mainstream, cloud-based, specialty, or proprietary software.

Yes and we’ll also follow your specific protocols for all phases of the verification process, including how far in advance you want eligibility and benefits verified and entered directly into your practice management system.

Yes! Our experienced staff verifies eligibility and benefits information on a priority basis though our proprietary QuickVerify technology.

Of course! In the last two years, Medusind’s smaller private practice clients have grown significantly. Regardless of size, we customize our processes to meet your needs while suggesting best practices we’ve learned over the past 18 years.

Our fees are subject to several factors, including volumes and your specific protocols. We’ll learn all about your needs during our initial call and then provide you with a proposal.

Once you decide to move forward and agreements are signed, our staff will work with your IT consultant to establish a secure HIPAA-compliant VPN connection. We’ll then review your protocols one more time and schedule a “go-live” date.

Yes. The team that Medusind assembles is completely dedicated to your practice. You’ll have the same people to interact with throughout your engagement with us.

Complete the contact form above to schedule a call with us to understand your specific practice needs, determine how we may be of value, and explain our fees. Or call us directly at (949) 240-8895.

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