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MedClarity™ Practice Management Software


MedClarity™ can be deployed as a stand-alone or you can pair it with our  Medical Billing Services  for  total optimization of your revenue cycle.

Practice Management Software with a Powerful RCM Toolset

From scheduling and collecting co-pays to sending clean claims and generating reports, MedClarity™ has been intuitively designed to increase the productivity and profitability of your practice.


Robust reporting capability that delivers on-demand insights into your revenue cycle simplifies the process of managing practice performance.

EHR Integrations

Off-the-shelf integration with virtually any EHR platform.

Cloud Based

MedClarity gives you transparency and complete control of your revenue cycle with access from anywhere on any smart device.

Eligibility Verification

Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification.

Clean Claims

Advanced Rules Engine for Clean Claims Submission.

Smart Scheduler

Smart Scheduler with Appointment Status, Eligibility, and Copay Indicators.

Claim Status

Denial Management and Claim Status Lookup.

Stand Alone or Paired

All-in-one platform on its own, or pair with existing systems.

Robust reporting capability that delivers on-demand insights into your revenue cycle simplifies the process of managing practice performance.

With pre-built reports, a fully customizable report writer, and our Perspectives Insights Builder the information you need to meaningfully scale your operation is at your fingertips.

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All Medical Specialties. All Practice Sizes.

Behavioral / Mental Health
Emergency Medicine
Family Medicine

General Medicine
General Surgery
Geriatric Medicine
Infectious Disease
Internal Medicine

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Occupational Medicine

Pain Medicine
Physical Therapy
Plastic Surgery
Radiation Oncology

Medical Billing FAQs

Medical billing is the process through which a healthcare organization submits claims to insurance companies (payers) in order to receive payment for medical services rendered. 

Medical Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the process through which a healthcare organization submits and receives payment for medical services performed. This process includes pre-visit (patient eligibility and insurance verification), patient check-in, charge capture and entry, claims processing and assembly, claims submission, payment posting, claims follow-up and patient collections. 

Medical Coding is the process of translating healthcare services, procedures and diagnosis into medical codes, which are then used by billers to submit and process claims. 

Medical coders translate diagnosis and patient procedures into billable medical codes that are then submitted as claims. 

The services a medical billing company may provide include: Coding, Appointment Reminders, Eligibility Verification, Claim Scrubbing, Claim Submission, Payment Posting, Denial Management, Patient Follow-Up, & Reporting.

Full service medical billing includes a practice management system, reporting and billing analytics, comprehensive billing, medical coding expertise, Account Receivable follow-up, denial management, and client support. 

Billing specialists and certified coders help to optimize a practice’s reimbursement. They also provide a level of financial transparency with a variety of regularly-scheduled reports. Billing services help to ensure that all patient visits and claims are accounted for. They reduce operational costs, allowing practices to save time and resources, and focus on their patients. 

It begins with the Patient. After the visit has taken place, it is our job to que up billing for the Provider to be reimbursed. We work with many vendors along the way, which includes the Payers, Clearinghouse, EMR and the Patient, who are all necessary to get paid the money that is owed to you.

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