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Learn about medical billing services from the nation’s leading technology enabled medical billing company. We scale to your exact requirements to improve financial performance and reduce operating costs.

Explore Medical Billing Services from the Technology-Enabled Revenue Cycle Leader

1:1 Customer Service Interactions.  100% Transparency.  Our medical billing services and proprietary technology equate to clean claims, high-velocity payments, and powerful analytics that will take your healthcare organization to the next level.

Medusind is so much more than a medical billing company.  Our deep relationships with healthcare organizations proves we do much more than just submit claims and post payments.

We optimize the entirety of our client’s revenue cycle and handle the most time-consuming tasks to ensure that your medical practice is running at maximum efficiency and profitability.  Our team becomes an extension of your practice focused on your bottom line, reducing your administrative burden, and providing 100% transparency along the way.

From insurance eligibility to working denials to reporting on revenue improvements, Medusind is an end to end medical billing company.

Technology Enabled Medical Billing Services that Scale to your Exact Requirements

Since 2002 we have provided tailored medical billing services to practices of all specialties and sizes.  We’re the only medical billing company that will scale to provide only the services you need and nothing you don’t.  The delivery of our medical billing services is enabled by our proprietary MedClarity PMS platform.  MedClarity is our cloud based RCM platform that provides on-demand transparency into your revenue cycle and provides powerful business analytics.  With off the shelf interfaces for 30+ major EHRs or the option to forgo an electronic health record altogether, we’re able to deliver top notch healthcare billing services to your exact specifications.

We have options for end-to-end medical billing services or the more comprehensive Medical Coding Service. We include ongoing provider education and chart review with the coding service in addition to the core medical billing offering.  Pair either of those service levels with our Provider Credentialing Service and your entire revenue cycle can be handled by the experts.

We’re committed to providing the right size solution so our clients can increase revenue, reduce denials, and lower the cost of collections.

Core Medical Billing and Collections Service Offering

Medical Billing Company

Revenue Cycle Management

High-performance medical billing services. From eligibility verification to payment posting and everything in between.

Medical Billing

MedClarity PM + Business Analytics

Robust, easy-to-use Practice Management System + reporting and insights that drive revenue for your practice.

Medical Billing

Easy Quality Program Participation

Seamless Quality Reporting data capture and submission for programs like MACRA MIPS

Optional Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Company

Medical Coding Services

Our Core Offering + peace of mind that your billing and coding achieves the highest level of specificity your documentation allows.

OBGYN Billing Services

Provider Credentialing and Enrollment

Primary source verification, credentialing,
and enrollment that eliminates your administrative burden.

Accounts Payable Outsourcing

Accounts Payable Outsourcing

Transform your Accounts Payable workflow into an efficient, paperless process with Medusind.

We’re a Results Oriented Medical Billing Company

Meet your next Revenue Cycle Management Partner

Medusind is a medical billing company that provides industry leading billing services to healthcare organizations of all types.  Solo practices, groups, and hospital affiliated can all leverage Medusind to improve their financial performance.  Key results include:

  • Increase reimbursements
  • Decrease time to payment
  • Eliminate administrative burdens like authorizations and insurance eligibility checks

OBGYN Billing Services


Increase in
Cash Collected

OBGYN Billing Services

20% Improvement

Days in A/R

OBGYN Billing Service


Charges Billed Per Year

OBGYN Billing Company


CPT and ICD-10
Coding for more than
3 Million Charts

OBGYN RCM Services

95% +

Average Clean
Claim Rate

OBGYN Revenue Cycle Management

30% +

Improvement in Patient Pay

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Is your Net Collections Rate (NCR) Maximized?

Net Collection Rate (NCR) is an essential medical billing metric that measures the ability of your practice to collect the money it is owed.  Our Medical Billing Service clients regularly exceed the MGMA average for their specialty.  How is your practice performing?

Try out our easy to use (and free!) NCR calculator to see how you’re doing!

Medical Billing Service

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“The billing with Medusind goes very quickly.  If we provide them the data on the same day we provide the services, they immediately send it to the insurance company.  It’s very fast.