Medusind eQA Data Success

Medusind’s eQA Team has been successfully managing Anesthesia quality data for MACRA MIPS since the program replaced PQRS in January of 2017.

March 31st, 2021 marks the 4th consecutive MIPS reporting deadline where eQA, Medusind’s MACRA/MIPS reporting solution for anesthesiologists, has successfully submitted client quality data for 100% of our eQA-enrolled anesthesiologists.  Throughout the history of MACRA MIPS, and even earlier with PQRS, the eQA team has guided clients to quality reporting program excellence by identifying requirements, options, and the most straightforward pathways to success.

Alan Morales, SVP Anesthesia Client Services shared this on the success of Medusind’s eQA program “We aim to guide our clients through their best options for success from start to finish.  We don’t blindly collect data in one rigid program without any coordination or shared strategy with our clients.”  Alan continued, “The eQA team delivers a detailed understanding of individual requirements at the outset of each year and that knowledge transfer is a major factor for client success and avoiding the reimbursement penalty.”

Delivering a Quality Reporting Advantage for Anesthesiology Organizations

The MIPS data capture and reporting process that eQA delivers for anesthesiology organizations is truly concierge.  The eQA team ensures that categories like Improvement Activities, or IAs if you’re a MIPS pro, are successfully handled by the practice.  Despite unique challenges in 2020, like the fact that IAs changed drastically by requiring 50% of the group to participate in a given IA for a continuous 90-day period or the new random audits conducted by registries, Medusind’s eQA team successfully guided all clients through the 2020 reporting year.

Medusind’s eQA team expects another straight year of all positive payment adjustments for eQA participants when scores for 2020 are released over the summer.

How eQA Works

eQA is accessible via smartphone, tablet or PC and gives anesthesia providers the ability to enter QA occurrences quickly and efficiently – all with zero adverse impact on the flow of the operating room. Our  cloud-based and HIPAA compliant platform gives paper-based operations the power to turn paper quality forms into meaningful, electronic data and EHR-based facilities can integrate their software with eQA for seamless data capture and submission.

eQA meets all the standard anesthesia MIPS reporting guidelines and allows you to track data excluded from the medical record and external reporting. This intuitive platform and the eQA team makes MIPS quality data submissions easier than ever. eQA also allows for Joint Commission peer review and is capable of root cause analysis reporting. These benefits help create an efficient solution for any anesthesia group.

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