Quality Dental Care Begins With Quality Practice Management

Quality Dental Care Begins With Quality Practice Management

Insurance Verification

Providing the best patient care in an oral surgery practice is directly related to how well a practice is being managed. If office staff is overwhelmed by the complexity and the relentless pace of administrative tasks like insurance eligibility verification, data entry, payment posting, resubmissions of denied claims, and dental credentialing — they’re probably spending more time with paperwork than with patients.

The problem is, these tasks are critically important to a practice’s being able to deliver care in the first place.

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Insurance Eligibility Verification: The Prequel to Quality Patient Care

In order to begin treatment, an oral surgeon must determine which insurance carrier is the all-important first insurer. Should the claim be filed with the patient’s medical insurer? Or with the car insurance carrier? Or with the patient’s homeowner’s insurance?

For the claim to go to the right carrier, an administrator must make a compelling case for the surgery, be knowledgeable about all three types of insurances, the procedure, the relevant codes, attachments, and the order in which all the documentation is presented.

There are also more legal risks associated with oral surgery procedures than other kinds of dental treatments, so it’s incumbent upon an administrator to be knowledgeable about all current state legislation related to dental insurance.This requires knowing the right sources of information, the right contacts at insurance carriers, and having the most up-to-date information on a regular basis.

After Insurance Eligibility Verification Comes the Long Game

Generating a successful claim from submission to payment is only part of the practice management equation.

Information must be entered directly into a practice management (PM) system, payments must be posted and/or adjusted. Denied claims resubmitted. Provider credentialing established and kept current. Accounts receivable and accounts payable must also be managed efficiently.

This is why so many oral surgery practices are outsourcing revenue cycle management (RCM).

Open the Door to Fast, Thorough Insurance Eligibility Verification.

Meet QuickVerify™

QuickVerify TM

A proven solution that alleviates the burden of dental insurance verification on administrative staff is Medusind’s QuickVerify™ software. It enables fast, thorough eligibility verifications, eliminating time-consuming, outbound dental insurance eligibility verification calls, which also streamlines the revenue cycle.

In addition to QuickVerify™, Medusind offers a complete suite of Revenue Cycle Management services that can align with any software currently in use. Dental practices using Medusind technology-driven services lighten the burden on administrative staff with:

  • Powerful, fast Insurance eligibility verification  with QuickVerify™ technology
  • Information entered directly into your current system
  • Payment posting, adjustments and denial management services
  • Credentialing and scheduled re-credentialing
  • Accounts receivable follow up and clean up
  • Accounts payable 

Medusind services integrate with any existing practice management software, are ISO/IEC HIPAA-complaint, and have successfully completed compliance and certification programs for best practice adherence.

People are Part of the Oral Surgery Practice Management Rx

Sooner or later a question or issue arises that needs the hands-on support of an actual human, not a chat bot or an 800#. Medusind supports each oral surgery practice with a team of knowledgeable RCM experts, available whenever they’re needed. The combination of QuickVerify™ insurance verification, comprehensive RCM services and hands-on support, provides a scalable business model for growth.

Complete Support for the Patient-focused Oral Surgery Practice

Find out more about how to stay focused on patient care while taking care to grow your practice with Medusind’s QuickVerify™ and RCM services that reduce costs and generate growth.

See how Medusind can work for you

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