How to Find the Right Person for Dental Billing

How to Find the Right Person for Dental Billing

Dental Billing Solutions

Despite all the hype around automation for dental billing, technology is not a cure-all. It can help with certain processes, but usually only at the most basic level of information gathering. When it comes to essential functions like generating clean claims, staying current with aging Accounts Receivable (A/R), and securing accurate information from insurance companies about patient eligibility — office managers still can’t find qualified staff fast enough to keep up with billing.

Experienced, knowledgeable professionals are still the key to getting dental billing in Washington, Arizona, Tennessee, Wyoming and other states done right… done right because it’s complicated, time-consuming, and constantly changing. 

Costly, but Super-common Dental Billing Errors

  • Missing or incorrect patient information
  • Insufficient knowledge of the insurance verification process
  • Coding errors because of changing Current Dental Terminology (CDT) codes
  • Insufficient knowledge of bundling, causing lower repayments
  • Inefficient claim filing — more than 24-28 hours after a procedure
  • Missing attachments to claims

A single insurance claim has all these elements, and more. New or insufficiently trained staff, or staff that’s pressed for time, often make mistakes that result in denied claims, which take even more time in resubmissions.

There isn’t a push-button solution to any of this because technology still isn’t smart enough to figure out processes like acquiring complete and accurate patient information, verifying insurance eligibility, knowing the most up-do-date procedure codes, having the knowledge to bundle procedures properly, or filing claims within the optimal time frame. 

Only people can do all this. But staffing up with them internally presents office managers with a host of other problems:

  • Increasing turnover
  • Continual training of new staff
  • Overseeing staff compliance with practice rules and procedures
  • Absenteeism and assembling sufficient back-up support
  • Time-consuming recruitment efforts

Dental billing professionals are the antidote to these problems. But recruiting and training them can be expensive, and is often an inconsistent effort given other daily priorities. 

Outsourcing with a dedicated team of billing experts, who deliver consistent excellence in every process, from insurance eligibility verification to clean claim generation to monitoring aging A/R accounts, is the solution. Specifically, the Medusind Solution.

The Medusind Advantage — Expertise, Accuracy, and Cost Effectiveness

It’s why thousands of practices across America choose Medusind Solutions as their outsourcing partner. Having a dedicated team of dental billing professionals deliver the accuracy in every area of an insurance claim that prevents denials and secures payment in a timely manner is the most cost effective way of increasing revenue, improving efficiency, and meeting growth targets.

A true outsourcing partner, Medusind integrates seamlessly with almost every practice management software. Medusind provides only the services a practice needs, and is nimble enough to add or subtract services as a practice grows and changes. 

Professionals who help deliver a healthy financial outcome are still the best billing advantage for any size practice. Find them at Medusind Solutions.

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